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Corey Fogel (b 1977) is a composer, drummer, and artist based in Los Angeles. He works across genre and medium to explore many facets of improvisation. He approaches sounds, textiles, collaborators, gestures, and objects as viable materials for spontaneous, strategized, time-based experimental performance, often incorporating sculpture, video, music traditions, theatricality, and ritual.

Fogel performs and composes in many rock, jazz, noise, folk, and chamber music capacities. He can be heard on over one hundred recordings as a percussionist. His compositions range from collaborative media scores to aleatoric ensemble compositions which use a combination of traditional and novel notation. For two decades, he has worked with alternative music notation, creating innovative and novel systems that encode and visualize the behaviors that comprise musicians’ improvisational vocabulary. His scores use digital design techniques to represent sonic trajectories, relational dynamics, and situationism in space. Once an exclusive transaction between composer and performer, this work has grown into site-specific, immersive mural paintings for an expanded audience. This creative activity became the subject of his doctoral dissertation, entitled Graphic Score On Trial - The Utility and Emergence of a Transciplinary Linguistic.

Fogel’s works have been presented at Machine Project, Los Angeles; Los Angeles County Museum of Art, Human Resources, Los Angeles; Redling Fine Art, Los Angeles; The Wulf, Los Angeles; The Hammer Museum, Los Angeles; the Museo de Arte Contemporaneo de Oaxaca, REDCAT; Los Angeles; and New Music for Strings Festival: Reykjavik. His performance work was also included in J. Paul Getty Museum’s Pacific Standard Time Performance and Public Art Festival and West of Rome’s Trespass Parade. Corey was awarded The California Community Foundation 2014 Fellowship in Visual Arts. He recently earned his Ph.D. in UC Irvine's Integrated Composition, Improvisation, and Technology (ICIT) program.

Recent collaborations include: Julia Holter, Tashi Wada, Phil Minton, Patty Waters, Abigail Levine, Simone Forti, Judith Berkson, Yoshi Wada, Michael Winter, Robert Blatt, Maya Dunietz, John Butcher, John Russell, Todd Barton, Misha Marks, Brian Allen, Alexander Bruck, Patrick Shiroishi, Haley Fohr, Liz Glynn, Chris Speed, Mark Dresser, Kathleen Kim, Ezra Buchla, Tony Malaby, Devin Hoff, John Dieterich, Carlin Wing, Sam Mickens.